About Us

The one-stop place for all the Himalayas glacier-related data!

Established in 2022 by a group of young and dedicated environmental enthusiasts from the Himalayas, ‘Save the Himalayans’ is an online resource gateway that bridges the gap to access information about Glaciers in Northern Pakistan and Pamir regions with ease. We offer a variety of visual, statistical and analytical data about the glaciers in these regions through remote sensing and Geographic Informatic System (GIS). ‘Save the Himalayans’ aims to create a one-stop place for scientific community, local governments, environmental agencies, and common people of these regions to access and acquire all the necessary data to study glaciers and understand their behavior against climate change. Mountain communities are highly vulnerable to the deadly environmental hazards of climate change especially Glacial Lake Outburst Flooding (GLOFs). However, despite the risks, research and on-ground observational data about glaciers are scarce. This has led the region in the recent years to suffer through harsh catastrophic events. Through its resources, Save the Himalayans hopes to bring awareness about potential glacial melting dangers to the decision makers locally and globally so that they can make more informed policies and keep the mountain communities safe.